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Super Janitors -Beneficial Enzymes for Hydroponic Root Health

Super Janitors -Beneficial Enzymes for Hydroponic Root Health

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Super Janitors is a natural microbial product which naturally produces enzymes that benefit the root zone in various ways

  1. Breakdown of Dead Organic Material: In the hydroponic system, dead roots, old nutrient solutions, and other organic materials can decay and negatively impact the health of the system. Natural enzymes can help break down these organic materials into simpler compounds, preventing them from becoming a food source for pathogens.

  2. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: These enzymes can help to break down complex nutrients into simpler forms that are more easily absorbed by the plants' roots. This can help plants grow more efficiently.

  3. Root Health: Enzymes can help to maintain the health and cleanliness of the root zone. By breaking down dead organic material, they can prevent rot and other diseases that can occur in the warm, moist conditions of a hydroponic system.

  4. Improved System Health: By maintaining a clean system and promoting root health, enzymes can contribute to the overall health and efficiency of the hydroponic system, leading to better growth and yield.

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