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Si28 Plant Available Silicone (silicic acid iron complex)

Si28 Plant Available Silicone (silicic acid iron complex)

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Silicon (Si) is a quasi plant nutrient that promotes plant growth, health and production. All plants contain Si ranging from <0.1% to >10% in dry weight. Regardless of their silicon content, most plants benefit from supplemental silicon.

Si is the second most abundant element on Earth and exists in many different forms. Silicic acis is known to be the only bioavailable form of silicon for plant uptake through three types of inorganic silicon compounds are available for agricultural use: silicic acid (SA), siliciate and silica nanoparticles. Recent studies affirm that silicic acid sprays increase plant growth and yield while decreasing biotic and abiotic stresses, whereas silicates and silica nanoparticles have limited or no effect on plant growth and yield.

Si28SAFeĀ is a concentrated form of bioavailable silicic acid iron complex. As Iron is one of the most abundant elements on Earth, it is easy to picture silicon and iron interacting in nature. In fact, silici acid iron compression exists in nature. This complex is very stable due to the distortion of chemical bond. Further, this complex is relatively small for easy plant uptake.

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