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PVC Connections 3/4" NSF Certified Potable Water Safe Schedule 80 PVC

PVC Connections 3/4" NSF Certified Potable Water Safe Schedule 80 PVC

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PVC 3/4" NSF Certified Potable Water Safe Schedule 80 PVC

Schedule 80 PVC Connection Inventory:

  • Schedule 80 90° Elbow (double slip)
  • Schedule 80 90° Elbow (3/4" threaded - slip)
  • Schedule 80 3/4" threaded - 1/2" barbed 
  • Schedule 80 3/4" (1ft) pipe section (separate product listing)


3/4" Schedule 80 PVC Tube & Connections are NSF Certified for use in potable drinking water, made in the USA and eliminate the need for traditional, store-bought Schedule 40 PVC.

Pair with our Hydroponic NFT Channels & End Caps with Spouts to effortlessly  create the hydroponics or aquaponics system of your dreams. No more second-guessing or safety compromises. Ensure your plants and/or aquatic life get the safest, cleanest, algae-free water with purpose-built materials! 

Combining our Hydroponic NFT Channels with the 3/4" Schedule 80 PVC Tube & Connections allows you to build a system that is:

  • Effortlessly Integrated: Our PVC tubes and connection pieces fit seamlessly with our NFT Channels End Cap with Spout for easy setup.
  • Completely Safe: All components are certified safe for potable water use and UV-resistant, ensuring your system is healthy for both you and your plants.
  • Highly Efficient: The system provides optimal water flow and prevents light penetration, inhibiting algae growth and nutrient competition.
  • Cost Effective: Our completely customizable selection allows for maximum savings when compared to non purpose-built materials.

Create the ultimate, safe, and efficient hydroponic or aquaponic garden with our 3/4" Schedule 80 PVC Tube & Connections, paired perfectly with our Hydroponic NFT Channels. Let Green Valley Hydroponics help you grow better.

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