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HydroBucket (no lid)

HydroBucket (no lid)

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HydroBucket Everything else is just a bucket™

HydroBucket is the answer to your Deep Water Culture hydroponics needs. 

Pair the Hydrobucket with the Hydrolid for the ultimate DWC set-up!

Or Check out our ALL-IN-ONE Deep Water Culture Kits !

The HydroBucket gives you easy access for all your growing needs:

  • Food grade plastic
  • Test pH and EC/ppm transfer fluid
  • Inspect roots and interior
  • Increased reservoir volume
  • Unrestricted access
  • Patented
  • The HydroBucket’s recommended operating volume is 3.9 gallons / 14.7 L.


36.1 × 28.7 × 44.5 cm
Weight 0.95 kg



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