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Mars Hydro VG80 80W 4ft LED T5 Grow Light for Veg and Seedling (2pack)

Mars Hydro VG80 80W 4ft LED T5 Grow Light for Veg and Seedling (2pack)

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The VG80 LED T5 Grow Light is designed for seedlings, cloning, vegetable propagation, and indoor tropical plant cultivation, offering wide coverage and low power consumption. It features a full-spectrum design, using OSRAM chips, and has an IP65 waterproof rating, making it suitable for fast growth of clones and low DLI green leaf plants. It consumes less energy and costs less electricity than fluorescent T5 bulbs. Providing high-quality vegetable light, the VG80 promotes healthy plant growth.

  • Wattage - 80W (40W Each Light Bar)
  • Core Coverage: 4ft*2ft
  • Recommended tent size: 120x60cm


【Energy-efficient】: Capable of providing high light intensity with lower energy consumption, contributing to reduced electricity costs.

【Long lifespan】: Fewer tube replacements and maintenance costs.

【Low heat generation】: Unlike traditional fluorescent tubes, LED tube produces very little heat, aiding in maintaining indoor temperatures.

【Compact design】: Thinner than traditional T5 fluorescent tubes, making it easier to install on plant cultivation racks or in planting boxes.

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