Hydroponic Cactus Experiment !

Hydroponic Cactus Experiment !

Follow along with us as we experiment rooting and growing a Cactus cutting completely in WATER! Yes WATER! We will be rooting and growing the cacti for its entire life inside a Hydrobucket. This method of Hydroponics is called "Deep Water Culture" and is a great way of growing single large plants indoors. This is our first time trying to root and grow a cacti hydroponically but we are confident we will make it work! Feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment down below! We would love to hear from everyone.


 Update #1

 Our Cactus is ROOTED and HEALTHY! Under a Full-Spectrum LED Light inside our AC Infinity 4x8 Grow Tent. We are feeding our cactus General Hydroponics FloraSeries 3 part at the regular strength vegetative dose. More updates to come!

Update #2



 OUR CACTUS IS GROWING A "PUP"! Our Hydroponic Cactus is already growing just a few days after rooting inside a Deep Water Culture bucket! This is the fastest I have seen a Cactus cutting root and start growing again. We are extremely excited to see where we go from here, stay tuned!


Update #3



 WOW! Check out the growth on our Hydroponic Cactus! From cutting with no roots to fully rooted and THRIVING ! Who said cacti don't like water?! This experiment has gone even better than expected! Feel free to ask questions or just say hello in the comments!!


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